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  • "New Website" OR "I'm official"

    I haven't updated the blog in...oh, seven months. Totally cool. I do have an excuse: I've been busy. 

    Editing In Stone was a really cool process. My editor, Lynda, is my favorite person ever. Sometimes I felt like she was IN MY HEAD. We worked so well together. Even though the edits were breezy, they were work...took up a lot of time and energy. Then I had to get Book Two, Night Creatures, in good shape (some of you may recall it as a blog...I'm sure I'll write more about that at a later time). It'll be a while before Lynda and I start peeling away at that one, so now I have time to make myself feel like a real author. Making a website is apparently one of the ways to do that. 

    So, here it is. 

    Nice, right? 

    Oh, and as you saw on my NEWS page, I got my box of author copies today. It's weird having so many copies to myself so far before the release. I want EVERYONE to read it. This will be a huge exercise in self control. But this also means that I'm offically published. My book is a real thing, made of matter and worth money. I couldn't be happier. 

    I'm also realizing that this new blogging tool I'm using doesn't have a built-in spellcheck. GREAT. Forgive me while I get used to this thing.