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  • Coming Soon: NIGHT CREATURES

    Long time, no blog!

    I thought I'd drop a few lines to announce that Book Two of the Immortal Testimonies series will be released by Bold Strokes Books in December! What's fun about this series is that all the books take place in the same world but don't necessarily need to be read in any particular order. Of course, I'd LOVE readers to discover them in the sequence I write in, but if anyone wants to begin with Book Two, they're welcome to!

    The first installment, IN STONE, was released in November and has had its fair share of good press. Now it's time to move on to the follow up...NIGHT CREATURES! Here's a blurb: 

    It’s 1981, and Bryant thinks his move to New York will be the beginning of a new life. But the men he meets are being threatened by a mysterious illness. Could transforming into a Night Creature save him and his loved ones from certain death? Book Two of The Immortal Testimonies travels back in time to the gay community’s darkest days.

    Some of you may recall NIGHT CREATURES in its blog format, which I updated weekly. Well a few years have passed and I've made a bunch of great changes turning Bryant's story into a novel. I hope you enjoy them!

    NIGHT CREATURES should be available everywhere in December, but stop by amazon to pre-order NOW!